Botox at the Skin Centre

Read Skin Centre’s journey so far, and you’ll be able to rest assured that we have your best interests at heart. It’s not our intention to change your appearance, but we appreciate that you have the right to look your best, as you see fit.

We don’t view appearance medicine as a way to alter your look but turning the clock back on time; a refresher so that you may present the world with the best ‘you’ that you want to be. That’s why we offer premium services in all areas of dermatology. 

In addition to our primary focus of ensuring the best health of your skin, if you choose to undergo any cosmetic procedure, then you can’t go past Skin Centre for excellence in expertise, safety, patient education and personal choice. How? We have the best team possible on hand to support our vision. 

Skin Centre’s founder, Dr Paul Salmon, is a specialist dermatologist and globally recognised leader in the field of MOH’s surgery. He hired Skin Centre’s first ever employee, Leanne Cashmore, 21 years ago. Now Skin Centre's senior appearance medicine nurse, Leanne is easily one of the best nurse injectors in the Bay of Plenty, with a length and breadth of experience to outclass any of her counterparts. 

Additionally, Leanne attends the annual National Appearance Medicine Conference and receives regular in-house training from Skin Centre and its suppliers. She's also been endorsed by major pharmaceutical companies to attend up to two international conferences every year, honing the fine art of injecting botox and fillers. Should you visit any other clinic in the region, there’s every chance she will have had a hand in training their nurse injectors, too. 

As with any medical procedure, Leanne will be the first to tell you to consider the pros and cons of your treatment before making any firm decisions. However, injectables have been used surgically and medically for decades now, and the sheer volume of Leanne’s professional education and clinical experience make Skin Centre’s treatments as reliable, effective and safe as possible. 

Furthermore, as injectables become more universally practised, the cost isn’t as prohibitive as you might think. In fact, you could compare the price of Botox to approximately the same as you might spend on a quality haircut and colour every three to four months. Variables will depend on what type of injectables you’re interested in using, the volume of skin area, and the amounts required in those areas.

We’re confident that our pricing schedule is one of the best around, (see below), and we welcome the chance to offer a free no-obligation consultation so that you can be the judge - we don't think you'll be disappointed.

Botox                         $15 per unit
Dermal Fillers            $650
V2  Beauty Booster   $1890 (3 treatments)