Skin Centre's Journey - Our Story So Far

Tauranga’s Skin Centre is a world-class dermatology institute, and they're all about people. Their expertly qualified team never lose sight of what’s important; that’s you - the patients they care for every day.

Skin Centre doesn’t want to see a different ‘you'. Instead, they offer excellence in dermatology services so you'll achieve the best ‘you’ possible. You won’t find a one-fits-all approach there because they understand that everyone has different needs and beliefs. Patient’s good health, happiness, and personal choice are at the core of everything they do; it’s what sets them apart. 

Founded in Tauranga, the Skin Centre’s patient-focused philosophy explains why they’ve set up clinics all across the North Island. They recognise that people outside big cities need specialist care too, and shouldn’t be disadvantaged by location. Now providing services in Auckland, Hawkes Bay, Rotorua, Matamata, and New Plymouth,  more patients can access the standard of care they deserve.

Furthermore, it’s not just Skin Centre’s dermatologists who’ll go the extra mile for you. The talented people behind the scenes spend every minute working towards their shared goal. They consistently stay at the forefront of their fields and facilitate their consultants to give you the most worry-free healthcare experience possible. 

This overarching workplace culture comes from the top down. In a recent interview, founder Dr Paul Salmon said “It’s a privilege to be able to share quality time with my patients, and a privilege to be in the position of being able to make such a significant difference to their lives. There’s not a day when one of our team wouldn’t save a life through early detection of melanoma.” 

That team includes some major players in dermatology worldwide. Take Dr Neil Mortimer for example. Like Dr Salmon, he completed the Mohs fellowship in 2007, making a standout point of difference for the Skin Centre. Joining the distinguished surgeons are Dr Sandra Winhoven, who trained in one of the largest dermatology units in Europe. In 2016, Dr Susan Simpkin, became part of the family, adding her considerable expertise in pattern recognition of skin conditions, and more recently, Dr Nicola Abbott, a fellow of the Australasian College of Dermatologists, hopped aboard.  Enriching the group further are expert dermatology associates, Dr James Spreadborough and Dr Sarah Chappie. Between them, this exceptional team possesses over 50 years experience.

Tellingly, Dr Salmon’s first ever employee remains to this day, adding to approximately one-third of their team who’ve been with the establishment for over 15 years. That’s no mean feat in any business. What's more, ask any Skin Centre staff member what the best part of their day is, you’ll hear them talk about making patients happy and making a difference in their lives. It’s no accident; their team philosophy is second to none. 

Skin Centre’s manager, Megan Pakes, is approaching her twentieth year with the company, and her comments reflect the authenticity of their team ethos. “When I think about it, it’s quite simple. We have a core focus of ‘excellence’ in everything we do. To achieve that, we've built a professional culture of looking after one another, so we can all do the absolute best we can. By prioritising our commitments to our families, it helps us to give 100% to our patients when we are at work.” 

The best part about Skin Centre as a workplace is that they make it work for everyone, it’s something they pride themselves on. Consequently, not only do they help their team establish the best possible work-life balance, but they actively listen to their patients to learn and improve, every single day. Megan says “If we get a complaint, we’re not backward about changing things for the better, that’s why we’re here.”

Skin Centre's foundations are a crucial part of their success because the special people at the front are only a part of their story.