A few things you did not know about Dr Rami Hamadeh, Dermatologist

Growing up, British born Rami Hamadeh never had any doubts about what he wanted to do. Two of his uncles were doctors, and another a dentist, giving him robust role models throughout his childhood. Excelling in school, Rami had no trouble with his application to medical school.

With Dermatology an early area of interest it was an easy choice, Rami was accepted into and completed Dermatology training in Belfast

Rami moved to New Zealand in March 2016, to train in Mohs surgery and work in Dermatology with the Skin Centre team. The qualification places him amongst an elite group of medical specialists who dedicate their careers to saving lives through state-of-the-art treatment and prevention of skin cancers. Skin Centre’s founder and leading dermatologist Dr Paul Salmon describes Rami as “highly trained and deeply caring”; in other words, a great fit with the rest of their team.

Asked what he loves most about his job, Rami replied: “I can make such a difference to my patient’s quality of life. When treating skin conditions, even small improvements can make a significant change in the way patients feel about themselves.” Above all, though, it’s the treatment of skin cancers which gives Rami the most professional fulfilment. “ I get a great deal of satisfaction from diagnosing and treating skin cancers because of the beneficial impact I can have in their life, and the lives of their families.” Rami also praises the Skin Centre’s enthusiastic team with their deep-seated culture of positivity, remarking that it was a rare find.”

Rami is adapting easily to life in New Zealand. Living near the beach has motivated him to take swimming lessons for the first time, a testament to his ability to push himself beyond his comfort zones. Enjoying weekends of hiking and sightseeing, Rami is taking every opportunity to experience Kiwi living at its best.