Dermasound Elite facial treatment is a three step process that utilises ultrasonic frequency to gently loosen and exfoliate dead skin cells from the skins surface and stimulate the production of collagen.

The first step, known as 'cavitation', is a process by which water is applied to the skin and a hand held wand vibrates up to 28,000 times per second removing bacteria and impurities from the pores in a gentle but effective way without causing inflammation.

The second step, called 'sonophoresis' creates minute pathways through the layers of the skin allowing the penetration of treatments and serums up to 10,000 more effectively than if done by hand alone.

The final step, 'micro-current' helps normalise the electrical current within the cells which has often been damaged due to UV exposure and aging. This medically proven technique in turn promotes healing, cell regeneration and the production of collagen.

Dermasound can be used to effectively treat acne, fine lines and wrinkles, discolouration and manage rosacea. Each treatment is customised depending on individual client specific skin needs.

Contact the Skin Centre to book a Dermasound Facial Treatment 0800 754 623.

By Leisa McGill NZRCN