A few things you didn't know about Leanne Cashmore, RN - Senior Appearance Medicine Nurse: Botox, Fillers and Fraxel expert

I met with Leanne on a lovely sunny afternoon in Mount Maunganui. A gorgeous, stylish woman, she exudes calm, confidence and an appealing down to earth manner. You can see why she is so effective at putting her clients at ease. Her position at Skin Centre as Senior Appearance Medicine Nurse is the culmination of many years of commitment to the Skin Centre and Dr Paul Salmon.

Notably, she is Skin Centre's first ever employee, hired by Dr Salmon 21 years ago as a brand new graduate nurse. From humble beginnings in shared premises on Paterson St, answering phones and assisting Paul, she says with a fond laugh, "I learned a lot!" It's clear that Leanne has an enormous amount of respect for Dr Salmon, and her longevity at Skin Centre is an ongoing testament to this.

Which bits of Leanne's job make her the happiest. "The team, my clients, and having something for me". The autonomy of the job helps her to maintain her independence, something that is a priority. 

What about in life? "My family," she replied emphatically. "I absolutely love my friends and taking time out, but being with my family defines my true happy place". You wouldn't know to look at her, but Leanne is the mother of four children and her laid-back nature is a reflection of someone who has all her priorities right.

Asking "If you could invent a product that would do any one thing of your choosing, what would it be?" I assumed Leanne would say something like 'a wrinkle elimination cream', or a 'miraculous anti-ageing serum'. Yet again, Leanne showed her grounded and empathetic approach. "A topical treatment that would eliminate skin cancer, particularly melanoma, without surgery". 

Leanne is well aware that clients are often concerned that treatments will look unnatural or "too much". Looking at some before and after photos, it's obvious that Leanne has a skill for getting things just right. She prides herself on her ability to assess each person's individual needs and tailor their treatment accordingly. The fact that she considers Helen Mirren to be one of the world's most beautiful women is proof that Leanne is not promoting unattainable goals, saying she "simply wants to offer the opportunity to be the best you that you can be, for your age and stage of life." 

It would be hard to imagine a situation where this woman wouldn't inspire confidence, and it's no wonder that Leanne is so highly respected in her field.

For an appointment with Leanne call SkinCentre on 07 5785788 or email info@skincentre.com. For more information on Appearance Medicine treatments at the SkinCentre http://www.skincentre.com/page/cosmetic/

Written by Melanie Duval-Smith - www.duvalfreelance.com