Autologous fat transfer for natural breasts versus breast implants

If you want to enhance your breasts but don’t like the idea of having implants, you might want to consider autologous fat transfer (AFT). 

AFT is a cosmetic procedure that involves using your own fat cells to increase bust size. It’s safe, effective and delivers natural-looking results, making it an excellent option for women who wish to achieve larger breasts without implants. 

Keep reading to learn more about AFT, how it works and whether it’s right for you. 

What is autologous fat transfer?

AFT is a technique that involves taking fat from a donor site, an area on your body with excess fat and grafting it to the breast to restore or add volume. This type of cosmetic surgery has seen a surge in popularity in recent years thanks to new developments in AFT technology. 

With the use of an external expander, patients can now temporarily enlarge their breasts prior to the procedure, which allows for a more significant breast enlargement and creates a better environment for a successful fat graft. 

How does the process work?

Prior to the procedure, you’ll spend a number of weeks using an external expander, usually at night while you sleep. The expander applies a small, consistent suction to the breasts, which expands the existing tissue and promotes the growth of new tissue and blood vessels. By temporarily expanding the breast, you can increase the amount of fat that can be grafted into the breast. 

During the procedure, the surgeon will use gentle liposuction to remove fat from an area of the body with excess fat (typically the thighs, hips or abdomen). The fat is then prepared and meticulously injected into the breast using small cannulas. The grafted fat is laid in a three-dimensional network of tiny strips in the breast, building volume for a larger breast. Because not all of the fat cells survive the transplant, the amount of transferred fat will decrease by about 20 percent over the next few weeks. 

As a minimally invasive procedure, there are no cuts or incisions involved with AFT. There is virtually no scarring as only tiny nicks of 2 millimetres in length are needed to allow the surgeon to insert the fat into the breast. Recovery time is minimal, with most people returning to normal activities within a couple of days. 

What are the benefits of AFT for natural breasts versus breast implants?

The key advantage of AFT is that no prosthesis is used to augment the breast. While breast implants are generally regarded as being very safe, they do carry some risks, including the possibility of infection, bleeding, hematoma, loss of sensation, scarring, implant rupture, incorrect implant placement and capsule formation.

AFT has an outstanding safety record and complications from this type of cosmetic surgery are rare. Fat transfers enable you  to achieve larger, younger-looking breasts without synthetic implants. AFT also gives you the opportunity to gently contour the body and achieve better looking hips, legs or stomach, depending on where the fat is taken from. If your breasts are flat after breastfeeding, AFT offers you the chance to rejeuvenate them.

What are the disadvantages of AFT?

The main limitation of AFT is that it can typically only enlarge your breasts by one cup size per procedure. Further increases can be achieved with additional AFT procedures. 

You’ll also need to take the prep work into consideration. For best results, the external expander must be used most nights for weeks before the procedure. Adhering to this can be difficult for people with a busy schedule. 
Am I a good candidate for AFT for natural breasts?

Whether you are a suitable candidate for AFT depends on your goals and body type. AFT can typically only enlarge your breasts by one cup size, so if you’re interested in a more dramatic enhancement you may need to consider other options. In addition, AFT may not be right for you if you are very slim as you may not have enough fat available to transfer to your breasts.  If you are an A or B cup, wanting natural breasts, larger and more pert, then AFT is a great procedure for you.

In summary, you may be a good candidate for AFT if:

You want to enhance the size and/or shape of your breasts

You have some excess fat that can be removed by liposuction

You want to augment your breasts but don’t like the idea of implants

You are physically healthy and not pregnant or breastfeeding 

You can commit to consistently using the external expander prior to the procedure

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