Diagnosis: Squamous cell carcinoma right lateral canthus - Mohs Surgery

It was nerve racking to learn I had skin cancer and needed surgery by my eye. However Dr Salmon explained everything adequately and so I felt confident going into theatre that I was in expert hands. My end result was excellent. Although I was expecting swelling and bruising I didn't actually experience this and my recovery was very quick. You can't see where I've had the surgery now and even Dr Salmon had difficulty finding it the last time I saw him! I highly recommend Mohs surgery by Dr Salmon for anyone having to have facial surgery for the removal of skin cancer.


Diagnosis: Basal cell carcinoma left nasolabial fold - Mohs Surgery

The Mohs surgery was absolutely brilliant. I was comfortable with the whole procedure. Everything was explained to me thoroughly and I felt I was in capable, caring hands going in to surgery. There was no pain and I only felt a small injection at the very end of the procedure – other than that I didn't even know it was being done. And I am so delighted with the scar – no-one even knows it's there. I would recommend Dr Salmon to anybody, he's the best.


Diagnosis: Poorly differentiated carcinoma bridge of nose, presumed squamous - Mohs Surgery

While washing my face one morning I discovered a small "dimple" on the side of my nose so I made an appointment to see Dr Salmon immediately. He took a biopsy and a couple of days later I was in his theatre at the Skin Centre to have cancer removed from my nose and melanoma removed from my arm. It all happened very quickly but I was never worried about the procedure. I have always had absolute confidence in Dr Salmon and knew that if he was performing the surgery I would be alright. After the Mohs surgery to my nose I had to have radiation therapy in Waikato hospital over a three week period. This entailed them placing a plaster cast mould over my face and placing a "funnel" on the top of my head to feed the radiation to the exact spot requiring treatment. I was very fortunate in that I had no after side effects.

Prior to surgery Dr Salmon advised that he would have to use some cartilage from my left ear to repair my nose and that I would be left with a slightly different shape to my nose. Well that could only be an improvement as far as I was concerned! I tell everyone I now have a handsome "Roman" nose. There is no scaring. Dr Salmon is a pretty good sewer – I've often thought I should give him my socks to mend! Seriously though he does such a great job I would recommend him and his staff to anyone.


Diagnosis: Recurrent basal cell carcinoma right lower nasal sidewall - Mohs Surgery

I found the whole procedure totally comfortable and even relaxing. Any anxiety I had prior to seeing Dr Salmon was quickly dispelled by his thorough explanation of what I would experience with Mohs surgery. The staff are particularly courteous – so helpful and concerned – really good. Right from the first visit through to the surgery itself and checkups afterwards, everyone just made me feel so comfortable. The doctors were absolutely marvellous and Dr Salmon's skill is incredible. You wouldn't even know I have had surgery on my face unless you were told. I am so pleased with everything I would recommend the Skin Centre to everybody.


Diagnosis: Basal cell carcinoma bridge of nose - Mohs Surgery

I flew in from Europe after a holiday expecting to have a skin peel only to find out I had serious skin cancer which required immediate attention. I ended up having 5¼ hours surgery on my nose, leg and shoulder. It was traumatic finding out I had skin cancer but the surgery I required was explained thoroughly to me and so I was confident I was in good hands and that only the very best was being done for me.

Dr Salmon is an extremely nice person – very highly skilled – he's done a fantastic job. I have no complaint about any of the procedure and would happily give a testimonial to anybody requiring surgery at the Skin Centre.


Diagnosis: Squamous cell carcinoma of the left side of the nose - Mohs Surgery

I had an indication something was wrong prior to having a consultation at the Skin Centre. From the moment that skin cancer was suspected everything was treated with priority.

While all the information I was given was very helpful I still felt a bit anxious about having surgery. However come the day Dr Salmon and the nurses were so kind and caring I felt myself relaxing even as I was lying on the theatre bed. Everyone gave me confidence it would turn out alright.

The whole surgery procedure was very comfortable and now I would be totally confident if I had more skin cancer that had to be removed from my face. I experienced no pain and nothing could have been done better. Even with the follow up procedure I couldn't ask for more.

It took about 8 weeks for my healing process but then I had major surgery. There is ever so slight scaring, but nothing obvious and I certainly don't feel self conscious at all. When I point it out to friends and family they are amazed at how good it looks considering how major the surgery was.


Diagnosis: Infiltrating basal cell carcinoma nasal tip - Mohs Surgery

I am so impressed with the Skin Centre that I came up with their slogan…"Excellence is more than skin deep".

Prior to my Mohs surgery I was not aware of my skin cancer's invasiveness. All I had noticed was a slight change in the size of a pore which I decided to have checked out. Thank goodness I did as it turned out to be 3 very fast growing basal cell carcinomas. I ended up having extensive surgery and yet I am left with minimal scaring which I can barely see and which other people don't even notice – it's totally amazing! The care before, during and after surgery was meticulously thorough and caring.

I think it is just so amazing to have a man of such skill as Dr Salmon in our city…in our nation. I am thrilled that the Skin Centre is here and impressed at the skill of Dr Salmon and the care and efficiency of his nurses – they are exemplary, second to none. I am so confident with Dr Salmon I wouldn't want to be in any one else's care for my skin.


Diagnosis: Biopsy proven nodular basal cell carcinoma left nasal ala - Mohs Surgery

Dr Salmon did a wonderful job with my surgery…you can't even see where it was done. The procedure itself was quite comfortable and all the staff are just great to deal with. I had high expectations of my results and I am well satisfied. I am also well satisfied with all my dealings at the Skin Centre. I am now a regular patient having an annual skin check to make sure I have no other problems. I would highly recommend Mohs surgery and Dr Salmon to anyone requiring surgery with no obvious scar tissue afterwards.


Diagnosis: Basal cell carcinoma right nasal sidewall - Mohs Surgery

It was quite traumatic knowing I had skin cancer, but Dr Salmon explained everything to me so carefully that I felt totally relaxed. The procedure itself didn't hurt at all and I healed very quickly – almost within 3 weeks. The area was numb for a few months afterwards but no one even noticed that I had had anything done – and yet it was right on my nose! I had no pain and am left with no scarring. Now I forget about it all together so my result was excellent. Dr Salmon is very thorough and I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody.


Diagnosis: Basal cell carcinoma left ala - Mohs Surgery

My surgery was a breeze. While it was a bit scary to learn I had skin cancer on my face Dr Salmon was so thorough in explaining the procedure of Mohs surgery that I felt totally confident. The technique was absolutely fabulous – I wasn't a bit traumatized and felt no pain. I have no scarring what so ever and I am well pleased with the end result.

I have been so well looked after by the whole team at the Skin Centre – even during the follow-up period after surgery. I would recommend Dr Salmon and Mohs surgery to anyone needing skin cancer removed from their face.


Diagnosis: Squamous cell carcinoma left bridge of nose - Mohs Surgery

Dr Salmon was just superb! It was a scary thing knowing I had to have surgery to remove skin cancer, but I was so well informed I felt confident I was in capable hands. My recovery was very quick – about 5 or 6 days and I am not disfigured with any scaring – in fact you can't even see where I've had the surgery. I'm also impressed with the follow-up after my surgery making sure I have a regular skin check every year. The staff are just great. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr Salmon and the Skin Centre.


Diagnosis: Basal cell carcinoma right lower nasal sidewall
Basal cell carcinoma nasal infratip/anterior columella - Mohs Surgery

Initially it was a frightening experience to learn that I had skin cancer, I had no idea what I would be in for which was pretty scary.

However Dr Salmon and his nurses briefed me thoroughly on the procedure and what to expect on the day of surgery itself and afterwards during recovery. It was disconcerting experiencing the large pressure dressings for the first time, but the nurses were extremely caring and I quickly adjusted – they were only there for 24 hours after the surgery anyway.

I consider I couldn't have been better looked after – from the initial consultation, to immediate biopsy, to surgery within a few weeks – there was no dragging the chain and I felt I had been made a priority. I could not be more pleased, Dr Salmon made a marvellous job of reconstructing my nose – no one would even know I've had major surgery.

I have 2 friends who have had surgery elsewhere by the "cut and graft" method which has left them with scarring. So I tell everybody now that if they ever need skin cancer removed from their face they must see Dr Salmon for Mohs surgery.


Diagnosis: Recurrent basal cell carcinoma upper back
Basal cell carcinoma left lower lateral lid - Mohs Surgery

I have been "under the knife" regularly now but I have to say it was traumatic being confronted with face surgery. When I went for my annual skin check Dr Salmon noticed a tiny dot which I couldn't even see. Once the results of the biopsy were known I was promptly booked for theatre.

I had 2 squamous cell carcinoma diagnosed which was a large procedure for removal and repair. I experienced no pain either before, during or after my Mohs surgery and was amused by my pressure dressings which made me feel like a walking "mummy". Everything healed very well – and quickly – in fact you can't even see anything from the surgery – no scaring or dents or bumps. I'm very happy with the result.

It is a very pleasant experience being a patient of Dr Salmon. He is very caring and relaxing and makes it a fun experience. I see him for a regular skin check and would recommend him to anyone facing skin cancer surgery.