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How can I enlarge my breasts?

Can  I get bigger breasts? and How can I get a breast enlargement?
Developing bigger breasts can be done in a number of ways

Hormonal If it is appropriate, your family doctor might suggest putting you on the combined oral contraceptive tablet. This can produce an increase of half to one cup size but may be associated with overall weight gain.

Breast Implants Silicon implants have been used for many decades and the latest data suggest they are very safe. Besides rupture, infection  or encapsulation, the only serious side effect is the development of cancer of the immune system known as Lymphoma. this does not happen for many years and is very rare.
If you want to increase by 2 or more cup sizes Silicon Implants may be the best method for you.

External Expansion The application of suction to the breasts will cause them to swell and engorge. This is a temporary phenomenon but can be useful if you have a particular social event you need to be bigger for. When you stop using the device, your breasts go back to their usual size.

Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT) involves the preparation of the breasts with External Expanders followed by augmentation of the breasts.  The procedure involves harvesting fat by suctioning from one part of your body where you do not want it and the placement of this fat throughout the breasts in fine strips less then a mm in width. The advantage of this technique is no scars, and natural breasts using only your own body's tissues.

About Dr Salmon

After 15 plus years experience in making breasts smaller through tumescent liposuction, Dr Salmon now offers ladies the chance to gain breast enlargement to gain extra volume, naturally, and to restore the breasts they used to have before breast feeding, and, for women who have always been small, the chance to have a bigger bust.  In 2017 Dr Salmon went to Miami to study to operate with Dr Roger Khouri who has revolutionised this fat grafting procedure, making it possible to graft as much as 300cc per side in a single session.

Dr Paul Salmon
Dr Paul Salmon

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Is this right procedure for me?

I am a C cup, what can I expect from Autologous Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)?
You might expect to become a large C or a D cup with a single Autologous grafting procedure, provided you have completed 200 hours of External Expander use.Further enlargement can be obtained with an additional procedure.

I am a D cup already but my breasts are saggy, is this the right procedure for me?

You might expect to be a double D or E with considerable lifting and projection of your breasts. 

I am a B cup, what can I expect from Autologous Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)?

You might expect to become a large C cup with a single Autologous grafting procedure, provided you have completed 200 hours of External Expander use.Further enlargement can be obtained with an additional procedure.

I have small saggy breasts, is Autologous Fat Transfer the right procedure for me?

It certainly may be. Many women lose volume and shape in the breasts after breast-feeding, Autologous Fat Transfer can restore both volume and youthful shape. A nurse will be happy to go over pre and post op photos of our cases with you.

I am an A cup, what can I expect from Autologous Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)?

You might expect to become a large B or a small C cup with a single Autologous Fat transfer, provided you have completed 200 hours of External Expander use.  Further enlargement can be obtained with an additional procedure.

Breast Enlargement

Autologous Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)

This technique offers you the chance to get the breasts you want naturally, without a silicon implant. To obtain the large volume the following technique makes it possible, the breast must first be prepared by the use of an external expander device. This device is essentially a pair of special suction cups which should be worn as much as possible in the month before surgery. Best results are obtained after an accumulated time with the suction cups of 200 hours. The suction cups cause the breast to temporarily increase in size providing space for the new grafts and increase the vascularity of the breasts enabling them to support the grafted fat.

The breast enlargement procedure

What do I expect on the day?

In the Day Surgery suite at the SkinCentre, the breasts are anaesthetised with tumescent local anaesthesia as is the donor site, typically the thigh. Fat is carefully suctioned out of the thigh or tummy under low pressure to keep the fat grafts intact. The grafts are then prepared and injected into the breast in the reverse of a liposuction procedure. Following the procedure supportive tape is worn for 3 weeks and a sports bra. 

Why are the suction cups important?

The suction cups (External Expanders) cause the breasts to swell and engorge with new blood vessels. They also create the increased volume in your breasts to allow the grafts to be placed without the build up of too much pressure. They also cause the development of the new blood vessels that will nourish your grafts. Without many hours of use of the External Expander Cups pre-operatively (200 recommended) you will not be able to obtain the large volumes (over 200 mls) that we routinely graft.

Why do I need X rays before my procedure?  

We always obtain a preoperative mammogram, tomosynthesis, MRI (ultrasound for young women) of the breasts before any procedure to ensure you do not have an un-expected breast cancer. The procedure is then repeated at 6 months postoperatively to provide a baseline for any future imaging of your breasts. There will be changes in your breasts after the procedure, mostly increase in size, that should be documented.

Is a fat embolism a possible complication during this procedure?

Dr Salmon has been performing fat transfer for 20 years and has never had this happen to one of his patients.  Fat embolism occurs when doctors use aggressive techniques to implant the fat, such as sharp needles or open ended cannulas.  Dr Salmon uses only Coleman style type 2 cannulas that have a side port behind the tip.  This minimises the risk of inadvertent penetration of vein.

In addition to this each pass with the cannula lays down less than 1ml of fat, further minimising any potential for risk.

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After breast enlargment surgery

How will I feel after breast enlargement surgery?

What am I allowed to do after the operation?

Those grafts are precious. For the first 5 days your grafts survive only by the passive diffusion of oxygen from surrounding tissues. It is crucial to keep your breasts still. This is why they are taped. It  is important that you rest after the operation, being up and about at home is fine, but your grafts need rest to ensure the maximum take. We suggest you keep your upper body as still as possible in the first 5 days, whilst avoiding reaching up or out with your arms. Keep your elbows by your sides. 

How sore will I be after AFT?  
Discomfort is usually mild enough to be managed with Panadeine and anti-inflammatory medication. Severe discomfort, especially if it occurs after your breasts were feeling fine should be reported to our nurses or the Doctor.

Discomfort after fat grafting to the breast is generally felt more at the donor site than in the breasts. You will have some swelling at both sites and some drainage from the tiny portholes for a few days. Wear maternity sanitary pads under your garments to help mop up any drainage. Bruising is common in the donor site but uncommon in the breast. Most discomfort can generally be managed with Panadol or common anti-inflammatories.

What will my breasts look like?
The nice thing about AFT is that you can see straight away how much your breasts have improved. They will be a little swollen with tumescent after your procedure so don’t expect them to stay quite so big. In the first few days the swelling will start to settle, you may develop bruising (but probably more at your donor site) and this will disappear by 4 weeks post operatively. Your breasts will be taped for the first 3 weeks to help immobilise them.

When will my breasts feel normal?  

Your breasts will be a little swollen out to even 8 weeks post-operatively. They may feel a little numb to touch, if so, normal sensation will return over the first 6 months.

I have read on the internet that only 60% of fat transfers are successful.

Dr Salmon guarantees you will get a bigger bust or your money back.

To get the best results you  must use your expander as prescribed by Dr Salmon

Does the suction device cause cancer?

About 100,000 women have used external expanders over the past 12 years.  This huge experience has firmly established the safety of this procedure.  The fear that external expanders might induce abnormal tissues to grow were laid to rest as studies of external expander users did not show any increased incidence of breast diseases.

Caring for your new figure

When can I start to exercise again?  

Stationary bikes  can be used after 2 weeks but only gently until week 3. We suggest you avoid all sexual intercourse until week 3.  No other exercise at all until week 4. Only then can you start heavy exertion and no strenuous upper body/arm work until week 6. 

Can I continue long distance running after my Autologous Fat Transfer?  

Long distance running is often very hard on the breast volume. It seems to preferentially waste fat from the face, neck, chest and shoulders. We recommend you find an alternative form of exercise as long distance running is not recommended after Autologous Fat Transfer. A short run, up to 4km, once a week is the maximum recommended.

If you lose a lot of weight, you may lose some volume from the breast, conversely, if you put on weight, the breasts may increase in size. The grafted fat is treated by your body as if it is still at the donor location. It is a good idea not to engage in running. Most ladies find that running strips fat off their upper body, including the breast. Gym, cycling, swimming, Pilates and Yoga are better forms of exercise.

Six months after the procedure you will have a mammogram, tomosynthesis or MRI to establish your new baseline for future breast imaging.