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How can I enlarge my breasts?

Can  I get bigger breasts? and How can I get a breast enlargement?
Developing bigger breasts can be done in a number of ways

Hormonal If it is appropriate, your family doctor might suggest putting you on the combined oral contraceptive tablet. This can produce an increase of half to one cup size but may be associated with overall weight gain.

Breast Implants Silicon implants have been used for many decades and the latest data suggest they are very safe. Besides rupture, infection  or encapsulation, the only serious side effect is the development of a cancer of the immune system known as Lymphoma.  This does not happen for many years after implantation and happily is very rare.
If you want to increase by 2 or more cup sizes, Silicon Implants may be the best method for you.

External Expansion The application of suction to the breasts will cause them to swell and engorge. This is a temporary phenomenon but can be useful if you have a particular social event you need to be bigger for. When you stop using the device, your breasts go back to their usual size.

Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT) involves the preparation of the breasts with External Expanders followed by augmentation of the breasts. The procedure involves harvesting fat by suctioning it from one part of your body where you do not want it. The fat is then placed throughout the breasts in fine strips less then a millimetre in width. The advantage of this technique is that there are no scars, and your breasts are naturally enlarged using your body's own fat.

About Dr Salmon

After 15 plus years experience in making breasts smaller through tumescent liposuction, Dr Salmon now offers ladies the chance to gain breast enlargement to gain extra volume, naturally, and to restore the breasts they used to have before breast feeding, and, for women who have always been small, the chance to have a bigger bust.  In 2017 Dr Salmon went to Miami to study to operate with Dr Roger Khouri who has revolutionised this fat grafting procedure, making it possible to graft as much as 300cc per side in a single session.

Dr Paul Salmon
Dr Paul Salmon

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Breast Englargement

All photos are taken of patients of the SkinCentre NZ and the Autologous Fat Transfer (AFT) breast enlargement procedures were performed by Dr Paul Salmon.

Complications of Breast Implants

Both AFT and external expansion have been well proven in the literature to be safe procedures that do not give rise to cancer. Where the procedure is carried out under general Anesthesia, the risks are those of general anaesthesia. Complications are still possible but very rare and include skin rash from the expander domes,  infection, assymetry and need for re operation.,_Complications,_and.6.aspx