Sclerotherapy for Leg Veins

At The Skin Centre we can successfully remove those painful, unsightly and unnecessary spider veins on the legs. We do this using sclerotherapy.

During Sclerotherapy small amounts of solution are injected into the veins, shutting them down over a few weeks.
To allow for the best possible results, it may be necessary to wear compression pantyhose for two weeks after the treatment.

The number of treatments will depend largely on the area to be treated, but usually between one and three treatments is required.

How does Sclerotherapy work?

Sclerotherapy is an injection technique used to get rid of veins. It is a pain-free procedure, and no anaesthetic is required.

A strong solution (the sclerosant) is injected directly into the blood vessel, causing inflammation of the walls of the vessel. The vessel disappears over a few weeks to months.

Microsclerotherapy, using a tiny needle, is the best way to treat unsightly surface blue veins – often referred to as thread veins - on the legs.

Both small and large varicose veins can also be treated by sclerotherapy.

Although each session may involve a large number of injections, the needle used is very fine, so the treatment is pain free in most cases. There may be some stinging as the solution travels through the smaller vessels. These become red and slightly swollen, sometimes itchy for a few hours. Repeated treatments may be necessary for best results.

After your sclerotherapy treatment

Cotton wool pads under adhesive plasters are usually applied to the injection sites. Pressure is applied to the treated vessels using compression stockings or bandages. These are usually worn for between seven days and three weeks following each treatment.

You can return to work or your usual daily activities immediately after sclerotherapy. We recommend you walk for at least thirty minutes a day, especially for the first few days following the procedure. Vigorous physical activities such as weight lifting or aerobics classes are not advised in the days following your treatment.

In most cases, any discomfort and swelling associated with the veins disappears within days, and the vessels slowly resolve over several months.

Come and see us at The Skin Centre to see if Sclerotherapy can help you get the youthful legs you want.